Time for a New Period

Cost-effective, worry-free,


& leak-free.

ALL in ONE solution with                      menstrual cup

Time for a New Period

Get My Cup'in  delivered at your doorstep !

3 easy steps to master My Cup'in in no time


Business opportunity

Have you ever thought about making some

extra moola to help you through the month?

We offer you this opportunity by becoming a

Cup'in Ambassador in your community and earn a lucrative commission along the way!

Charity support


Novexpharma is proud to support

ESI Health, a South African non-profit organisation in its fight to eliminate period poverty in South Africa.

For each My Cup'in bought, R10 are automatically donated to ESI Health to sponsor a South African learner .

For more info, visit esihealth.org or click on "LEARN MORE".

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