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  • From what age can I start using My Cup'in?
    There is no specific age restriction. You can start using My Cup'in as soon as you get your period.
  • Can I use My Cup'in if I am a virgin?
    Yes absolutely. The insertion might be more challenging because your vaginal muscles tend to be tighter. No stress, a little of practice in the beginning will help you master My Cup'in. If it feels uncomfortable don’t force it, take a break, relax and try again later. The entrance of the vagina is more tense and smaller in width than the rest of the vagina so gradually adapting your body to accommodate the menstrual cup will make insertion easier.
  • Will my vagina stretch from using My Cup'in?
    No, the vagina won’t stretch from using My Cup'in. The vagina is pretty incredible as the muscle is able to stretch and go right back to its original shape. This means that something as small as My Cup'in will not cause you to stretch out.
  • Does it hurt or feel uncomfortable?
    If worn properly, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all. In fact, most women tend to forget they have it in, thanks to the flexible silicone that warms up to match your body heat. Still, there is definitively a learning curve the first time you use one. Even if you’ve been using tampons for years, a menstrual cup isn’t quite as simple. It requires practice and a certain level of being comfortable with your anatomy.
  • Do I need to remove My Cup'in before peeing / pooping?
    No. My Cup'in should not interfere with the ability to urinate or poop. You might feel leakage as you will naturally relax your pelvic floor muscles. Just wipe normally and carry on with your day. If your tampon used to pop out while pooping, it might be advisable to remove the cup to avoid any surprises.
  • Is it messy?
    Inserting My Cup'in is pretty much the same as inserting a tampon in terms of the amount of blood you come into contact with. When removing My Cup'in, the process is relatively clean as the cup holds the majority of the blood which is collected inside the cup. Also, with My Cup'in you won’t have to deal with the mess of disposing of used sanitary products. You will see your blood, but you will not have much actual contact with it. This is a good way to get closer and personal with your flow and your body, which can lead to a greater sense of acceptance and well-being.
  • Can I wear My Cup'in at night?
    You can wear My Cup'in for up to 8 hours. Just empty it before going to bed and enjoy a good night sleep! If you have heavy periods you may need to wear a sanitary pad as an extra precaution.
  • Why does My Cup'in leak?
    My Cup'in has been specifically designed to avoid leakage. However, if you feel it's leaking, here might be one of the four reasons: - Reason 1: Your cup isn’t inserted properly. This is the most common cause as the cup is not landing in the correct spot. Quick anatomy lesson: the vaginal canal links the uterus to the vaginal opening, and the cervix is essentially a barrier between the uterus and vagina. During the period, blood flows through a tiny hole and into the vaginal canal, and the location of the cervix ensures that your menstrual cup can't get "lost". - Reason 2: It isn’t “popping” open. Ensure the cup is fully opened by running your finger on the base of the cup. If not, rotate the cup by 360 degrees. - Reason 3: Your cup is the wrong size. - Reason 4: Your cervix is low. Every woman's anatomy is unique, so if the many tips and tricks you've played with aren't leading to results, your body may simply be built differently. The best for a low cervix will be to trim your stem and get the smaller size.
  • How do I stop My Cup'in from rising up?
    My Cup'in should sit at the entrance of your vagina.. If inserted correctly, you shouldn’t feel nor see it. If you feel My Cup'in rising up, it might be because the seal wasn't established. Try improving the seal by: • Running your finger along the base of the cup when inserted, checking that it’s fully open • Rotating My Cup'in by 360 degrees • Experimenting the two folding methods
  • Can I wear My Cup'in when I excercise?
    Absolutely! My Cup'in is great to use while exercising. Tips: we recommend emptying My Cup'in before exercising, and getting used to using it before relying upon it during exercise. Some users choose to also use a panty-liner while gaining confidence. Most importantly, if you experience any leakage when not exercising, we would recommend that you resolve this first. Check out our FAQ around the reasons behind leakage.
  • How do I use My Cup'in in a public toilet?
    First, fill up your cleansing cup with cold running water and wash your hands before going to the toilet. Remove My Cup'in, empty the flow into the toilet, put My Cup'in in the cleansing cup to rinse off any excess blood. Then dry the cup with toilet paper and re-insert it. Empty the dirty water from the cleansing cup in the toilet. Remember that you may not need to empty My Cup'in as often as you would change tampons or pads, because it holds more and is made to protect up to 8 hours.
  • What do I do if I can't get My Cup'in out?
    Practice makes perfect! It will take few trials before mastering the insertion and removal with ease. The magic trick is simply to relax. Don't worry, My Cup'in can get "vaccumed" into your vagina and disappear. So, what technique can you use to relax? Have you ever noticed that when peeing, you relax what is called the pelvic floor muscles? This is exactly the same movement you need to feel. Relaxing your muscles will automatically make the cup slowly going down and easy to grab. When inserted correctly, My Cup'in should sit low at the base of the canal, easy for you to reach the stem and grip the base to remove it.
  • Can I have sex with My Cup'in?
    My Cup'in cannot be worn during vaginal intercourse as it sits low in the vaginal canal. It should be removed before having any sexual intercourse.
  • Can I use My Cup'in if I have a vaginal infection?
    This is not advisable to use My Cup'in if you experience a vaginal infection. If you are not sure what type of infection you've got, try Exacto vaginal infection self-test. It will help your pharmacist to provide you with the best treatment and get treated in no time. You can start to use My Cup'in again once all treatment is completed and you are clear of symptoms.
  • Can I use My Cup'in despite wearing an IUD (intrauterine device) e.g. Mirena?
    As My Cup'in is worn low at the base of the vagina and away from the cervix, it should not interfere with your IUD. However, there are some reported cases where the IUD has become dislodged when using a menstrual cup. This may be due to anatomical factors (e.g. extremely low cervix), usage issues (e.g. wearing the cup too high) or simply that the IUD has been naturally rejected by the body. One in twenty IUD will be expelled, most commonly, in the first 3 months after the device has been inserted. These expulsions happen most frequently during menstruation. If you are thinking about using My Cup'in alongside an IUD, consult your doctor / gynaecologist first.
  • Can I use My Cup'in if I have a retroverted uterus?
    A retroverted uterus – also known as a tilted uterus, or a tipped uterus – is one that tips backwards towards the rectum instead of forwards towards the bladder. If you have a retroverted uterus it is fine to use My Cup'in. You may need to use a pad at first, while you find the best position for My Cup'in to collect the blood.
  • Can I use My Cup'in if I have endometriosis?
    If you have endometriosis, we recommend that you check with your doctor or gynaecologist before buying My Cup'in to see if it is suitable for you. That said, there has been positive feedback from menstrual cups users living with endometriosis, mainly because the menstrual cup holds more than a tampon so you don’t need to empty it as often as you would change a tampon. It also collects your menstrual blood, fluid and any clots, unlike a tampon which absorbs. You can use My Cup'in to roughly measure your blood loss too. This can be useful information to share with your gynaecologist.
  • Can I use My Cup'in if I have a latex allergy?
    My Cup'in is latex-free so it is safe to use if you have a latex allergy. My Cup'in is made from 100% medical grade silicone, is hypoallergenic and contains no dyes, rubber, plastics or BPA.
  • What is the lifespan of My Cup'in?
    My Cup'in has been designed to last for 5 years or the equivalent of 1,500 tampons. If you follow our instructions for cleaning and storage, it should last you that long. If you notice any change in the shape or material e.g. colour, odour, if it splits or become sticky, then it will need to be replaced.
  • Can I use My Cup'in as a contraceptive mean?
    No. My Cup'in cannot be used as a contraceptive measure.

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