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Mycupin_menstrual cup_south africa_size1

Size 1

(16 mL) Medium menstrual flow


you have never given birth naturally.

My cup in size 2.jpg

Size 2

(25 mL) Heavy menstrual flow


you have given birth naturally.

Get intimate with My Cup'in  & its cleansing cup

alt_mycupin_menstrual cup_south africa.p

How to trim the stem?


  1. Insert the menstrual cup (click here to learn how)

  2. Take the stem between your thumb and forefinger to feel the desired length (the stem should not be visible outside of the labia).

  3. Keep your nail on the line of the stem where it needs to be cut and remove the cup.

  4. Cut the stem with a clean pair of scissors.

  5. Insert the menstrual cup again to check if the length is correct. Start the procedure again if the stem is longer than the labia.

alt_how to adjust the stem_mycupin_menst

Note: Leave at least one line to aid the removal of the cup​

alt_mycupin cleansing cup.png

To view My Cup'in package insert, click here

ALL in ONE solution with My Cup'in menstrual cup

Time for a New Cup'in Period

7 reasons to switch to My Cup in.png

Hear from My Cup'in  users




mycupin user_menstrual cup_south africa_

It took me few times to get use to it but it's worth the effort.

What a surprise to see that the cup can be worn for 12 hours!

I can't imagine living my periods without My Cup'in by my side.


mycupin user_menstrual cup_south africa.

I was sceptic at first but once I got the hang of it I was amazed by this little product,

I will never go back of using tampons.


mycupin user_menstrual cup_south africa_

Ek het besluit om My Cup'in te probeer nadat ek dit produk gesien het toe ek op vakansie was In Europa, die idee is steeds vreemd maar ek weet die produk is baie meer Natuur vriendelik

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